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Written by Virginia Gonzalez   
Friday, 08 May 2009 19:07

PlantGeneWiki Beta release
The Gramene database project team is happy to announce beta release of the  PlantGeneWiki. It is designed as an online community portal on plant genes and their annotations. Yours goal for PlantGeneWiki is to generate community curated/annotated pages where the researchers can browse, search, read and manage the content by editing. Yes, the biggest advantage of them all is that researchers now have the ability to update and edit the information known about the genes identified in plants on their own without any delays. If you don’t find a gene of your interest in the PlantGeneWiki, you can add it as well. Any content you add/edit on PlantGeneWiki is released for instant online access and cites your contribution. Therefore a good starting place is to add/edit information on known genes.

PlantGeneWiki is freely accessible to everyone and you can help us make it better in following ways:

   * Share your knowledge by EDITING existing and/or ADDING new information to the existing gene pages.
   * Adding NEW GENE PAGES.
   * Adding links.
   * Correct and report our errors.

They encourage first time users to get familiarized with the portal and user/contributor functions by taking the Guided Tours/Tutorials.

The PlantGeneWiki website can be accessed from any of the following URL’s.



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