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Tuesday, 28 July 2009 19:44

The 2.2.21 version of BLAST has been released. With this release the new BLAST+ command-line applications are being promoted. The BLAST+ applications have a number of advantages over the older applications that include working more robustly with long sequences and a new type of masking (database masking). For details see this PDF.

The new applications can be downloaded from this ftp site These applications have been built with the NCBI C++ toolkit. Changes from the last release are listed below.

The older C toolkit applications (e.g., blastall) are still available at this ftp site
Changes from the last release are listed below.

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c toolkit binary changes:


* corrected a bug in xml output (SB-217)
* corrected a bug with query concatenation in ungapped searches (SB-263)
* tabular output header for "-m 8" now printed even if there are no results. (sb-290)

C++ toolkit binary improvements:
* best hit algorithm, see section 4.5.12 in user_manual.pdf
* improve culling option performance
* fix mutex problems in BLAST database reader.
* improve performance of database masking option.

C++ binary changes:
* database masking enabled, see details in manual.pdf
* makeblastdb user-interface improvements
* blastdbcmd can now emit masked fasta for a masked database

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