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Geneious Pro 5.1 Now Available! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Virginia Gonzalez   
Tuesday, 02 November 2010 14:55
Geneious Pro™ 5.1 is now available and is packed with dozens of your feature requests. Download Geneious Pro 5.1 to check it out now! You can also continue to request features you'd like to see in future versions on our userforums.

Want to see the new features of Geneious Pro 5.0 in action without downloading it? Sit back, relax and enjoy our 3-minute What's New Video

The number of improvements in Geneious Po 5.1 is astonishing:

Compatibility with Geneious Server™ Public Beta (register below)
Multi-core capabilities with the Geneious Assembler
Assemble to multiple reference sequences at once
High/Low coverage finder to identify over or under expressed genes
Primer database browser for primer sets
Ultra-powerful batch rename with new interface
Backup all data button
Local realignment of part of an existing alignment
Automatic annotation transfer on alignments
Dot-display option in alignments
Digest by single enzymes in all relevant viewers
Interactive distance matrix viewer
Add unaligned sequence to alignment manually
GC content graph
Ligate individual sequences to re-circularize
Vector NTI gel archive importer (.ga4)
For a full list of new features see the features page

As always, if you currently own a valid license of Geneious Pro your upgrade is FREE. If your perpetual license is expired, upgrade for just 20% of the purchase price by following the order process on our upgrade page.

"Several of us have tried the new distance matrix view and it works great! You have saved us a lot of time and trouble. Thank you for being so responsive to our request for this feature."Dr. Paul Farmer - Emory Vaccine Center

Register now for the Geneious Server Public Beta
Geneious Server delivers high-intensity computing capability to labs and departments by offloading resource-hungry jobs directly from Geneious Pro. This dramatically and easily speeds up research. Geneious Server offers a selection of three core modules featuring powerful, peer-reviewed and trusted algorithms:

NGS Module:
Geneious Assembler™
Coming soon:
SAM Tools
Phylogenetics Module:
Geneious Treebuilder™
Coming soon:
Sequence Analysis Module:
Coming soon:

Full genome assembly can be performed with data generated by Illumina™, Roche 454 and SOLiD™ machines and future sequencing technologies.

Geneious Server Public Beta is available for any institution with a suitable testing environment. A suitable environment for this trial is a dedicated 64-bit computer running Red Hat Enterprise Linux with a minimum configuration of 4 cores and 12 GB of RAM, or ideally 8 cores with 24 GB of RAM. Participating in the Geneious Server Public Beta will give you the chance to provide feedback and shape the development as we continue to add to its capabilities.