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Thursday, 11 June 2009 03:28
DNALinux Virtual Desktop Py4Bio is ready!. This edition is called Py4Bio because is the Linux distribution included in the book Python for Bioinformatics ( Including a Virtual Machine in a book allows the reader to have the same environment used by the author so he could focus on following the examples with confidence.

This release is based on the last Xubuntu "stable" or "LTS" version (8.04). It has all the programs in Xubuntu plus both desktop and server bioinformatics applications. As a server DNALinux includes BLAST, Primer3Plus and MySQL. Full list of pre-installed bioinformatics software is available here: [link].

Since this distribution is a 12Gb VMWare Virtual Machine, it is compressed with 7z (to 2.3Gb) and uploaded using bittorrent protocol. Torrent file is available from the download page: Please seed the image if you can.