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Tuesday, 07 July 2009 18:25

On behalf of the caMOD team, I am pleased to announce the release of version 2.5.1 of the Cancer Models Database (caMOD).

Features of this release include:

EVS API upgradeThe EVS (formerly part of caCORE ) API is a public domain, open source wrapper that provides full access to the LexBIG Terminology Server. LexBIG hosts the NCI Thesaurus, the NCI Metathesaurus, and several other vocabularies (like Zebrafish). The difference between the EVS 3.2 API exposed as part of the caCORE EVS 4.x and the API exposed as part of caCORE 3.2 is the back-end terminology server used to retrieve the vocabulary data.

caBIO API upgradeThe caMOD application connects to caBIO to retrieve additional data for the Therapeutic Approaches and Genetic Description search results screens. On the Therapeutic Approaches search results screen caMOD displays clinical trials data from caBIO. On the Genetic Description search results screen caMOD displays additional data within the Targeted Modification section for "Gene Info" (official nomenclature of the gene), Database Links to UniGene and CGAP, "Gene Ontology" (controlled vocabulary to describe gene and gene product attributes), and "BioCarta Pathways".

Additional Clinical Trials Information Therapeutic experiments in animals have previously been linked to information about human clinical trials. caMOD now links to pages which provide details about the clinical trials.

New Species added caMOD supports information about rabbit models for cancer. For a full listing of items addressed in this release and known issues, please see the Release


How to access the application


Web Application

Java API

Grid Service is accessible via the caGrid Portal

Thank you for your interest in caMOD!

Ulli Wagner

Internet Developer (Contractor)
SAIC-Frederick, Inc.
NCI Center for Bioinformatics
Phone and Fax: (402) 502-9380
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