BLAST 2.2.22 now available Print
Written by Virginia Gonzalez   
Tuesday, 20 October 2009 13:22

This release includes new BLAST+ command-line applications.

The BLAST+ applications have a number of advantages over the older applications and users are encouraged to migrate to the new applications.  The new applications can be downloaded from  These applications have been built with the NCBI C++ toolkit. Changes from the last release are listed below.

The older C toolkit applications (e.g., blastall) are still available at

Changes from the last release are listed below.

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Changes for the BLAST+ applications:

* Added entrez_query command line option for restricting remote BLAST databases.
* Added support for psi-tblastn to the tblastn command line application via the -in_pssm option.
* Improved documentation for subject masking feature in user manual.
* User interface improvements to windowmasker.
* Made the specification of BLAST databases to resolve GIs/accessions configurable.
* downloads and checks BLAST database MD5 checksum files.
* Allow long words with blastp.
* Added support for overriding megablast index when importing search strategy files.
* Added support for best-hit algorithm parameters in strategy files.
* Bug fixes in blastx and tblastn with genomic sequences, subject masking, blastdbcheck, and the SEG filtering algorithm.

Changes for C applications:

* Blastall was not able to use BLAST databases with only accessions to format results, this has been fixed.