BLAST 2.2.24 release announcement Print
Written by Virginia Gonzalez   
Thursday, 02 September 2010 13:31
A new version of the stand-alone applications is available.
Users are encouraged to use the BLAST+ applications available at

This release includes a number of bug fixes as well as new features for the BLAST+ applications:
* Introduce BLAST Archive format to permit reformatting of stand-alone BLAST searches with the blast_formatter(see BLAST+ user manual)
* Added the blast_formatter application (see BLAST+ user manual)
* Added support for translated subject soft masking in the BLAST databases
* Added support for the BLAST Trace-back operations (btop) output format
* Added command line options to blastdbcmd for listing available BLAST databases
* Improved performance of formatting of remote BLAST searches
* Use a consistent exit code for out of memory conditions
* Fixed bug in indexed megablast with multiple space-separated BLAST databases
* Fixed bugs in, blastdbcmd, rpsblast, and makeblastdb
* Fixed Windows installer for 64-bit installations
BLAST+ applications, as well as the legacy C applications (e.g. blastall), may be downloaded from
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