First version of GallusReactome now publicly available Print
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Sunday, 26 July 2009 18:39
Version 1 of the GallusReactome Knowledgebase has been released at
GallusReactome is a free, online, open-source, curated resource of core pathways and reactions in chicken biology. Information is authored by expert biological researchers, maintained by the GallusReactome editorial staff and cross-referenced to the NCBI Entrez Gene, Ensembl and UniProt databases, the KEGG and ChEBI small molecule databases, PubMed, and the Gene Ontology (GO).
New content. This first release features pathways of energy metabolism (carbohydrate and pyruvate metabolism, the TCA cycle) linked reactions of amino acid and lipid metabolism, together with an extensive annotation of the process of DNA repair. Data are drawn from the extensive experimental studies of these aspects of avian biology, supplemented with orthology projections from mammalian systems. Work is now underway to annotate telomere replication as well as porphyrin and nucleotide metabolism.
Data access. The web interface allows users to view all annotations of chicken biological processes. GallusReactome data can be exported in SMBL, Protégé, and BioPAX formats. Like everything in GallusReactome, these downloaded and exported materials can be modified and reused freely. Users can subscribe to Reactome announcement list from the webpage at
Work in progress. GallusReactome is seeking expert help for the curation of new modules – ones now underway are listed in our editorial calendar.. The Reactome knowledgebase relies on collaborations with research biologists to construct expert consensus views of key biological processes, and to integrate these with other processes already in Reactome. We are seeking new author-collaborators. If you're interested, or would like more information about our data acquisition process, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
-The GallusReactome team